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The deFacto Global Video Library is the source for learning more about product updates and  in depth information about  deFacto Power Planning through webinars, demos and quick tip videos. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo today to see how deFacto Power Planning can help your company today.

Planning In Power BI – A Quick Review

Check out this quick review of Planning In Power BI.  You can learn more by visiting our blog post HERE

Planning In Power BI

We live in a rapidly expanding, data-driven world. How you use  your data most effectively will determine the ultimate success of your organization. Developing a data analytics strategy and corresponding infrastructure that goes beyond traditional Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) systems is a critical first step.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning w/PowerBI Streamlined Error Prone Planning Process

PROBLEM: An increasing scale of operations rendered the Excel-based budgeting and planning processes too difficult, error prone and time-consuming.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning’s innovative use of Power BI redefined the budgeting processes, leading to highly accurate and streamlined results that significantly improved productivity and efficiency across the entire organization.

Use Case: deFacto Power Plannings Suite Of Solutions Streamlines Planning Process

PROBLEM: This company’s proprietary database did not mesh with Excel, making data processes unnecessarily long and manually intensive and causing delays in other areas, such as planning.

SOLUTION: deFacto Global was able to help by providing a suite of solutions that streamlined their processes and made it easier for them to track their progress.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Creates Streamlined Allocation Process

PROBLEM: An inefficient manual quarterly reporting system produced, delays, errors, and strained company resources.

SOLUTION: Implementing deFacto Global’s Power Planning created a streamlined allocation process providing accurate data for informed decision-making and efficient fund management. 

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Streamlines End-to-End Processes

PROBLEM: This company faced challenges determining how to bundle video content that will attract and retain subscribers and be profitable.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning was used to develop a new solution to streamline the end-to-end processes by automating data loading, complex calculations, analysis, and forecasting processes based on subscriber preferences.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Builds A Fully Automated Sales Compensation System

PROBLEM: A disparate and manually intensive sales incentive compensation process dramatically impeded this company’s ability to create and distribute sales compensation plans for over 20,000 sales employees.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning was used to build a fully automated sales compensation system that handles complex calculations, forecasting, and reporting with maximum efficiency and minimal process time.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Automates HR & Finance Planning And Analysis

PROBLEM: The use of an Excel-based system for HR and financial processes relied heavily on manual work and frequent maintenance.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning was implemented to automate HR and Financial planning and analysis, starting with HR and then expanded to financial processes.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Streamlined All Data And Processes For Reporting

PROBLEM: An outdated reporting interface resulted in time-consuming consolidation and reporting functions.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning’s implementation aggregated, secured, and streamlined all data and processes for consolidation and reporting.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Tax Provisioning And Reporting Solution

PROBLEM: Tax provisioning and reporting processes grew increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Major amounts of manual work prolonged filing times and tax processes.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning’s tax provisioning and reporting solution automated data entry, complex calculations, and reporting processes, while adding a high level of security.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Handles Big Data Sources For Analysis & Reporting

PROBLEM: Financial information, project data, and processing of complex calculations had grown beyond what IBM Cognos could handle. As a result, insights into project management and core financial management processes were seriously hindered.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning was selected based on its ability to handle large data sources, complex calculations, sophisticated analysis and planning, and enhanced reporting.

Use Case: deFacto Power Planning Automated Budgeting, Forecasting And Reporting

PROBLEM: Complex Excel workbooks and manually intensive processes inhibited managers from effectively managing their business.

SOLUTION: deFacto Power Planning automated and integrated financial budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and reporting processes models.

deFacto Power Planning & MS365 Copilot – A Perfect Team!

deFacto Power Planning is 100% on board with Microsoft 365 Copilot. Learn more by visiting our BLOG

Have It Your Way

Are you being forced to move your FP&A solution to the cloud? You have options.
Over the years, nearly every enterprise-quality planning vendor has taken on large investments. In order to get the desired return, those investors are raising prices and pushing on-prem customers to the cloud. The resulting cost increases are significant, sometimes 3 times what the on-prem version cost!
deFacto Global offers customers the option of using on-prem, hosted or in the cloud. Same software, same subscription price. You choose based on what is best for you. Contact us and learn more about your options.

deFacto Business Modeler Preview

deFacto Business Modeler is Designed for Business Users and Citizen Developers to Build Tabular Models for Power BI, Power Apps or other Business Applications Quickly and Easily! 

deFacto Power Planning | Unified Planning Platform

deFacto Power Planning is a Microsoft-centric, Unified Planning platform that can be used for any planning and analysis need. It uses the tools your employees use everyday like Excel, Power BI, Teams and Power Apps. It also works with any Dynamics ERP and/or any other ERP/data source. deFacto Power Planning is the perfect complement to a Microsoft-centric productivity strategy. Year after year, deFacto Global is ranked #1 in our entire industry for Customer Satisfaction. Our competitors include SAP, Oracle, IBM, Workday, Anaplan, OneStream and many others. deFacto Global out-ranked them all across every measure. We attribute deFacto Global’s success to our commitment to excellence, our deep expertise, and our patented product design that is 100% based on Microsoft technologies.

deFacto Power Planning Review

deFacto Power Planning is the newest generation of our product that organizations around the world use in every business function to make informed decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes.

Pain Point | Financial Planning in PowerBI

deFacto Power Planning is intuitive, easy to use and an excellent way to perform mission-critical reporting and analysis in Excel. And while that is extremely important to Financial Managers, extending that functionality to Power BI opens-up countless opportunities to offer advanced reporting and analysis applications for users across an organization. Read more HERE

Pain Point | Ad-Hoc Reporting (Demo)

Many Reporting and CPM products claim to have easy reporting capabilities, but typically a user needs to copy an existing report to use as a starting point, even if that report has nothing to do with what they would like to create. On top of that they would need to know specific syntax or complex formulas to create reports or to make any changes to existing ones. Read more HERE

Our Customer Have Found The Secret To Perfect Happiness

Once again, deFacto Global is ranked #1 in our entire industry for Customer Satisfaction. We attribute deFacto Global’s success to our commitment to excellence, our deep expertise, & our patented product design that is 100% based on Microsoft technologies.

deFacto Global Has The Happiest Customers In Our Industry

Year after year, deFacto Global is ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction. deFacto Power Planning outperforms every competing product for Financial Reporting, Ease of Use, Planning & more. Looking for a better way to manage your business?

deFacto Power Planning Overview

deFacto Performance Management is a completely unified, analysis and planning product that offers the full range of capabilities users need, including modeling, forecasting, drill-down, drill-through, what-if analysis, reporting, and more. It empowers business users who drive planning processes throughout an organization with the ability to perform real-time analysis by enabling Excel and even PowerBI with data submission capability to its centralized data store. deFacto also complements Microsoft SharePoint Monitoring and Analytics components with powerful capabilities such as cube building, user security, advanced logic, data entry and what-if — all of which can be managed by the business user.

Content Forecasting For Digital Media Services

Audio and video streaming platforms are quickly taking the place of traditional media platforms, all driven by the ability to curate content that is tailored to personal interests, the plethora of options, and the instant gratification of on-demand. While consumers enjoy the ease of use of these digital media platforms, content providers face the daunting task of modeling complex content libraries, related costs, and engagement metrics in order to make the best decisions about what content to provide to their subscribers. deFacto Global’s Digital Content Forecasting application automates this entire process. Media providers can now perform what-if analysis across thousands of titles, calculate complex amortizations, and forecast content profitability and line-ups in real time.

deFacto Global helps Goodwill organizations operate more efficiently so they can better serve their communities more effectively

Mission-focused organizations are always looking for ways to be more effective. Automating and streamlining business processes and information management is a fundamental step in that journey. For Goodwill organizations, that opens-up a wide range of possibilities to more easily and efficiently manage retail and mission services resources, and boost overall productivity. That’s where deFacto Power Planning has proven itself. From Consolidated Fiscal Reporting (CFR) and HR processes to traditional retail, e-commerce, and mission services, deFacto Power Planning enables Goodwill organizations to make the best decisions and operate most efficiently.

deFacto Power Planning On The Go!

Check out this quick video on how you can use deFacto Power Planning even on the go! deFacto Global delivers enterprise-quality Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) through our core product deFacto Power Planning – to every business manager, where and how they work…even in their car! 

Planning In And With PowerBI

BARC, a leading business analytics consultancy with specialized expertise on the Business Intelligence and Business Analytics market, recently invited deFacto Global to talk about Power Planning. Take a few moments to look at this video and see what we presented, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to chat more about how Power Planning, an Integrated Planning solution can help your organization.

deFacto Power Planning In The Classroom

We interviewed RPI Professor Dr. Pindaro Demertzoglou professor of Data Resource Management at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lally School of Management. Dr. Demertzoglou utilizes deFacto Planning in his classroom, and explains how deFacto Planning is amazingly beneficial for our students for multiple reasons. Read the full interview HERE

deFacto Global | Case Study – Sports Apparel Industry Leader

Staying Competitive In The Sports Apparel Business Requires Exceptional Performance | deFacto Planning Delivers The Win.

deFacto Global | Case Study – Major Gaming Company

deFacto Planning Replaces Antiquated and Inefficient Financial Analysis Platform Eliminating the Time-Consuming and Error-Prone Processes While Bringing a Host of New Benefits.

deFacto Global | Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration – State of the art technology enabled this Health Care Management leader to streamline their reporting process and automate data aggregation to improve overall company performance. Read more HERE

deFacto Global | Leading Payment Processing Company

deFacto Replaces Underperforming Budgeting and Forecasting Solution to Provide Better Scalability, Performance, and Integration. Read more HERE

deFacto Global | Leading Hospice Care Provider

deFacto Replaces Difficult and Poorly Architected Financial System Eliminates Error-Prone Processes and the Need for Consultants to Make Changes. Read more HERE

deFacto Global | Intelligent Commerce Network

deFacto Planning Replaces a Cumbersome and Time-Consuming Reporting and Budgeting System Eliminates Productivity-Impeding Processes and Brings Dramatic Improvement. Read more HERE

deFacto Global | Media Buying Superpower

deFacto Planning’s Real-Time Analysis Brings New Insights and Service Offerings. Read more HERE

deFacto Global | Major Telecom Provider

deFacto Planning Replaces Underperforming SAP System Used for Financial Planning Eliminates Performance and Worker Bottlenecks While Bringing New Levels of Scalability, Reliability, Accuracy, Data Integration, and Usability. Read More HERE

deFacto Power Planning : Financial Reporting with PowerBI

Financial reporting and analysis using PowerBI – that’s deFacto Power Planning.


deFacto Power Planning : What-If Analysis

What-If Analysis using PowerBI – that’s deFacto Power Planning.


deFacto Power Planning : GAAP Compliant Financial Reporting

GAAP compliant financial reporting and analysis using PowerBI – that’s deFacto Power Planning.


deFacto Global | We Care

Our ‘We Care Webinar’ covered topics of interest for organizations during the onset of the effects that the Covid-19 was having on businesses during early shutdowns.