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deFacto’s Real-Time Analysis Brings New Insights and Service Offerings


The sluggish performance of its core analytics system was taking a serious toll on this major media buying superpower’s most critical business operation. deFacto not only eliminated the problem, but added significant new real-time analytical capabilities that enabled the company’s clients to make better strategic media buying decisions.


The media company’s business intelligence system, which was critical to the success of its operation, had become slow and underperforming under an increasingly heavy data load. The process of aggregating and retrieving valuable information was stretching the analytics team too thin and consuming too much of the staff’s time. The difficult and tedious effort required to generate the crucial analytics threatened to undermine the advantage they relied on to remain a leader within their industry.


After exploring potential solutions, the financial team selected deFacto Global because of its high scalability and easy-to-use interface. Besides enabling the group to better organize its complex data, deFacto’s multidimensional reporting structure allowed the team to retrieve real-time reports, which enabled them to provide a service that enabled clients to make more strategic business decisions.

deFacto was able to further enhance this process by developing specialized extract, transfer, and load (ETL) functionality and integrate it into the core product, creating an automated ETL process that provided updates every 15 minutes. This enhancement greatly improved the financial group’s time management issues.


The high-performance and real-time capabilities of the new deFacto system has freed the analyst team from the drudgery of aggregating and calculating massive data pulls and allowed them to focus their efforts on analyzing the results of their clients’ media campaigns. This allows the analysts to make the best possible decisions regarding each individual client’s media budget.

The multidimensional aspect of deFacto’s platform also has allowed the media professionals to view data in new and advanced ways, capabilities that the previous system was incapable of providing. The ability to process accurate and organized real-time data has led to better performance and increased productivity in all aspects of the company’s business.

Besides enabling analysts to better organize complex data, deFacto’s multidimensional reporting structure has allowed them to retrieve real-time reports, which enabled them to provide a service that enabled clients to make more strategic business decisions.

Streamlining its internal financial reporting and planning processes has enabled the media analysts to focus more of their attention on their primary responsibility—their clients. Because of the success of this project, the company is looking to make further gains by leveraging deFacto’s reporting capability to enable the analytics team to give its clients new and broader insights into the success of their campaigns.

About the Client

The client is a media buying superpower that specializes in performance-based advertising. The company’s customers rely heavily on its knowledge of the media market to determine how best to invest their media budgets. The company’s media analysts base their decisions on advanced analytics and reports derived from a complex data warehouse.

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