deFacto Global

deFacto Global helps organizations achieve superior business performance through the deployment of its flagship solution, deFacto Power Planning, along with best industry practices.

deFacto Power Planning empowers business leaders throughout an organization to take control of their company’s performance across all financial and operational areas. It is a fully synchronized, cross-enterprise, unified planning solution that allows business leaders to make the best real-time decisions and plans for both their business areas and the entire company.

Our focus is to continually evolve the smartest, fastest thinking Corporate Performance Management software solution that best supports our customers’ needs. By leveraging advanced technologies including Machine Learning, deFacto Power Planning helps business managers and financial officers to intelligently manage their company’s performance from strategic planning to budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and reporting across all functional areas of their company.

Our patented Tabular-based analytics engine provides users with the ability to perform faster, more granular and precise analysis beyond what was possible before. deFacto Power Planning uniquely transforms Excel, Web and Power BI into fully interactive, read/write user interfaces, empowering every user across an organization to use the interface that best meets their needs.

deFacto Global is an award-winning organization the outranks virtually every competitor across all measures of customer satisfaction. Our customers are mid-market to global organizations across all industries and markets. While we serve organizations, that use ERP and others systems from the full range of vendors, deFacto Global has a particularly strong presence in the Microsoft ecosystem. In fact, deFacto Power Planning is the #1 recommended enterprise-level Corporate Planning solution by Microsoft and Microsoft partners.