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About deFacto Global

Corporate Performance Management

About Us - deFacto Global empowers organizations to achieve stellar operational and financial performance with complete software solutions.

deFacto Global is a U.S.-based Microsoft centric software company formed by experts who, over the past three decades, have built and implemented corporate performance management software solutions, CPM software, solutions for thousands of customers. Our mission is to enable businesses of all sizes to achieve stellar operational and financial performance. Our CPM software solution, deFacto Planning, offers enterprise-quality capabilities to automate, streamline and optimize management, analysis and reporting of data in the most timely and effective manner for the purpose of making better business decisions. We serve customers throughout the world, ranging from middle-market to large global corporations, helping them with their business performance management.

de fac•to   /,dā ‘faktō/

from the truth; by fact, reality, or actuality

The best managed organizations work from a single version of the truth, clearly understand their business reality, and make accurate and timely decisions based on financial and operational facts.

Our Microsoft – centric corporate performance management (CPM) software solution provides a clear understanding of business reality, and allows for factual, timely decision making. Since 2009, deFacto has helped business around the world, ranging from middle-market to global corporations, to work from a single version of the truth.

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Proudly headquartered in Troy, New York, U.S.A.

About Us – deFacto Global