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deFacto Power Planning is the newest generation of our product that organizations around the world use in every business function to make informed decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes.

Our Vision

Deliver Enterprise Quality, Extended Planning and Analysis To Where and How Users Work 

deFacto Power Planning empowers business managers throughout an organization to take full command of their company’s performance through real-time budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting across all financial and operational areas, including finance, tax, sales, supply chain, operations… you name it. Using a single, Unified Platform, business users within each functional area can build and maintain models of their specific business, then use those models as the basis for integrating their planning activities with all other functional areas across their company. The result is a fully synchronized, cross-enterprise planning capability that allows any business manager to make the best decisions and plans for their business area and the entire company.

deFacto Power Planning – a 100% Microsoft-based financial and operational planning solution, represents a new generation of corporate performance management and planning. It combines both traditional and new, unique features, of the world’s most advanced BI tool, Microsoft’s Power BI, with the advantages of the world’s most capable corporate analysis and planning tool, deFacto Planning V10, in a way that has never been done before.

Why is this revolutionary? Typically, corporate planning products are focused on financial management, while business intelligence tools are focused on operational management. Integrating financial and operational performance management in a single tool has been the Holy Grail of the industry since its inception. Unfortunately, that reality only existed in marketing materials—until now.

What puts the “Power” in deFacto Power Planning? Advanced Technology. 

Powerful Tabular Analytics Engine

A patented Microsoft SQL tabular database architecture built into deFacto Planning V10 drives performance and complex analysis of large data sets to new levels.

Power BI Write-back

A newly developed write-back capability in Microsoft’s Power BI that unlocks capabilities that were unavailable before.

Smart Analytics

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is embedded in a wide range of areas within deFacto Power Planning, with more being added.

Designed for Every User

Users can choose any one. or all three, two-way user interfaces: Excel, Web, and Power BI, so everyone can use an interface that fits their preference and easily access to the capabilities they need.

Platform Independent

Customers can move from one hosting platform (on-premise, 3rd party or SaaS) to another using the same deFacto Power Planning solution.

Universal Data Integration

Data can come from any source using a wide range of integration tools and techniques including pre-built connectors for all Microsoft Dynamics products.

deFacto Power Planning’s architecture utilizes 100% native Microsoft technology—including Excel, Power BI and SQL Server with Analysis Services Tabular—ensuring ease of maintenance and support. It also offers maximum flexibility with its ability to be deployed on-premise, hosted by any 3rd party or as an Azure-based SaaS offering – all using the same code base. It also seamlessly integrates with any ERP system or data source – anywhere.

Together, all of these components enable customers to fully integrate financial and operational data analysis and planning in a single, powerful, yet easy-to-use tool.

Features & Functions

For more information on the importance of Integrated Planning and how deFacto Power Planning can benefit your organization – be sure to check out our 1-hour webinar with Industry Leader Craig Schiff – click HERE to view.