deFacto Power Planning (xP&A)

deFacto Power Planning uniquely transforms the Microsoft products employees use every day into a single, high performance Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) platform that can meet the needs of any functional area.   

The key to the flexibility of deFacto Power Planning is that it is a model-based solution. A model is the core component of any solution. It is designed to address a specific need and incorporates all of the required business intelligence. A complete solution includes one or more models, reports, templates, ETL connectors and user interfaces.  

Our Gallery demonstrates the range of pre-built solutions, reports, templates, and data source and tool integrations that are available for customers to use, modify and deploy. In addition to our pre-built components, customers can develop new components using our easy-to-use Business Modeler and Report Generator. 

deFacto Power Planning Solutions, Productivity Tools, Pre-Built Connectors and Reports and Templates

Business Modeler and Report Generator are designed for business users to quickly and easily build new models, reports and templates to meet any need. They incorporate intuitive, drag and drop interfaces used to define and design key parameters of the components.  

Our fully interactive Excel, Web, and PowerBI read/write user interfaces empower every user across an organization to use the interface that users are comfortable with and best meets their needs.  Our patented SQL Tabular-based data analytics engine provides users with the ability to perform faster, more granular, and precise analysis involving more complex calculations beyond what was possible before.  

deFacto Power Planning Solutions are completely portable. They can be migrated between ERP and data sources or hosting environments effortlessly. Customers have complete flexibility and control over their solutions.  

deFacto Power Planning - Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A)

Key Benefits of deFacto Power Planning - Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A):