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deFacto Power Planning is 100% on board with Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft is about to launch the future of artificially intelligent workspaces to users worldwide with the introduction of Microsoft CoPilot. 

What Is CoPilot? 

As the name suggests, CoPilot accompanies your enterprise’s journey across all operations, introducing artificial intelligence-fueled enhancements and task automation to an array of Microsoft 365 applications. With potential uses including PowerPoint generation from sourced Word documents, written analysis based on Excel reports, and augmenting the capabilities of collaborative work in Teams, CoPilot is about to redefine how information workers use the full range of Microsoft products. This article from The Verge details other applications and provides information on how the tool was built, as well as what’s next. 

CoPilot incorporates NLP (natural language processing), allowing users to interact using conversational language. Users can use a familiar language to type in their commands, questions, or tasks instead of being restricted to rigid commands or codes. CoPilot’s ChatGPT-esque chatbot features allow for the execution of complex tasks across multiple applications and workflows. 

deFacto Power Planning transforms Microsoft products in a high performance Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) platform
What Does CoPilot Signify For Artificial Intelligence in the Industry? 

CoPilot is another source of interest in the business practicalities of AI and its transformative potential in the software industry. Businesses have historically considered artificial intelligence implementations successful when they seamlessly integrate with the products or services they already use. AI should simply make those products or services better, and that is exactly what Microsoft is doing. As AI’s profile in workspaces and popularity increases, more companies are exploring incorporating it into their business processes.   

The latest Microsoft enhancements are always available in deFacto Power Planning at no extra cost. This approach provides customers with innovative technology, helping them stay ahead of the competition and succeed in business. Our competitors’ proprietary UIs do not often update their offerings, despite heavy investments in them. Besides introducing compatibility obstacles and compromising the user experience, the full capabilities of Microsoft’s products become unattainable. 

We are looking forward to seeing how much further Microsoft CoPilot will change the way the world thinks about AI. As the use of CoPilot develops, more information on our integrative use of Microsoft 365 can be found on our website. 

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