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deFacto Power Planning | Pain Point Remedies : Ad-Hoc Reporting

We are excited to launch a new mini-series addressing some of the pain points that are brought to our attention when speaking with new clients. “Pain Points” will offer a brief summary of how deFacto Power Planning addresses these issues, directly from our experts – and we encourage you to reach out to us if there is a specific issue you would like to see covered, or for a personalized DEMO to learn more about how deFacto Power Planning can address your needs – across your entire organization.

To kick off our series, we will be addressing Ad-Hoc Reporting.

Many Reporting and CPM products claim to have easy reporting capabilities, but typically a user needs to copy an existing report to use as a starting point, even if that report has nothing to do with what they would like to create. On top of that they would need to know specific syntax or complex formulas to create reports or to make any changes to existing ones.

Then there’s deFacto Power Planning! deFacto Power Planning has true out-of-the-box Ad-hoc reporting capabilities whereby a user can easily create reports from scratch right in Excel with no coding knowledge and NO Excel formulas to manage. Just Values come back into Excel from deFacto Power Planning where they can be formatted using the Excel’s formatting capability that the user likely already knows.

Simply open the Report Designer and choose the Dimensions you would like to see in the Rows and Columns and your report is created in seconds AND is completely dynamic. Change any of the slicers you like – Time, Scenario, Entity/Company, Product, etc. and you see results in real-time. Because the data is pre-aggregated in deFacto Power Plannings patented Tabular model, it doesn’t matter which level in the organization is chosen nor how much data is loaded in the model – performance is instantaneous.

Having such a dynamic reporting capability also allows for 1 deFacto Power Planning report template to take the place of tens or even hundreds of other report templates. Any combination of dimensions in rows and columns can be defined so you truly can create any report you like and make it look exactly how you want it.

Easy to use and maintain, end-user self-service, fast, powerful, scalable, flexible, and unlimited formatting options make deFacto Power Plannings reporting unsurpassed!

Check out this short demo with Anthony D’Anna to see how easy it is to create an Ad-Hoc report in deFacto Power Planning! 


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