deFacto Models



The ability to create a single comprehensive model of a business gives decision-makers a more powerful, reliable, and accurate means of forecasting and planning, including real-time analytical capabilities. Once a business model is created, planners can simulate different scenarios to assess potential outcomes, perform what-if analyses, and make the best strategic decisions.

deFacto Global has advanced the art of business analytics by pioneering new methods of business modeling and simulation. Just as computer modeling and simulation have been used to solve mankind’s most challenging problems in areas like aeronautics, weather prediction, biological systems, geophysics, economics , and industrial engineering, deFacto Global has harnessed computer modeling to enable business planners to solve the most challenging forecasting and planning problems.

Pre-built, Database-based Financial Business Logic Capabilities

Sales & Revenue

Track and analyze actual and budgeted sales revenues across location, customer, and product type.

Financial reporting

This model allows comprehensive and efficient reporting from one or more ERP systems in conjunction with corporate plans.

Financial planning

Enables forecasting of revenue and expenses across all entities.

Human Resources

This model provides bottom-up and top-down workforce planning.

Departmental Budgeting

Allows budgeting and analysis of expenses by the responsible operating areas.

Intercompany reporting & Reconciliation

This model allows the use of intercompany eliminations and matching to report and reconcile intercompany transactions.


Real-time analysis, planning, allocation, and ratios, all in compliance with GAAP and Statutory accounting principles, seamlessly integrated with comprehensive corporate planning capabilities.

Strategic Planning

Allows businesses to develop long term plans based on high level strategic initiatives.


Perform what-if analysis across thousands of titles, calculate complex amortizations, and forecast content profitability and line-ups in real time.