Human Resources


Human Resources Model

This model provides bottom-up and top-down workforce planning.


Cable/TV/Media, Casino/Gaming/Hotel, Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Services


Employee, Human Resources, Planning, Workforce


Workforce Planning:

  • Plan employee headcount by department and entity.
  • Submit planned changes to headcount, employee costs, and details of the change for approval or rejection.
  • Build custom properties and dimensions to track employee details such as title, hire date, vacant positions, and salaried/hourly.

Employee Expenses:

  • Use rates to automatically calculate projected salaries, benefits, bonuses, and other employee-related expenses.
  • Use in conjunction with Financial Planning model to automatically connect the HR plan to P&L projections.
  • Input benchmarks for comparison to market or analysis of internal departments.
  • Quickly generate prebuilt custom reports and ad hoc reports for analysis.