Digital Content Forecasting


Digital Content Forecasting Model

Perform what-if analysis across thousands of titles, calculate complex amortizations, and forecast content profitability and line-ups in real time.


Cable, TV, Music and Media Streaming Platforms & Providers


Customer, Planning, Forecasting, Profitability, Revenue, Sales, What-If Analysis



Content Modeling & Planning

  • Centralized model that allows for secure collaboration across an organization
  • Automated processes to calculate amortization based on the unique drivers and amortization models.
  • Real time reporting & data analysis
  • Flexibility allowing for changes to their amortization models and processes to accommodate mergers and consolidation.
  • Automated data integrations to consume and centralize data from other systems

Cash & Expense Forecasting

  • Opportunity for unlimited modeling – forecasting, what-ifs, and target scenarios to analyze and adjust current and long-range plans
  • Allows for real-time management of complex reporting parameters and requirements
  • Manage spending and cash flows at the content level to view impact of potential content purchases