Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning Model

deFacto’s Strategic Planning model allows businesses to develop long term plans based on high level strategic initiatives.  Senior managers and executives will be able to plan for new products, projects, assets, and workforce changes as a result of their planning decisions. All planned initiatives automatically flow through to the financials showing how each decision impacts P&L and cash flow.


Revenue Modeling and Planning :

  • Driver based budgeting

  • Model forecasts for new products based on existing products

  • Create and model long range plans based historical data and assumptions

  • Input multiple planning scenarios to provide what-if analysis.

Capital Assets and Projects :

  • Plan for new capital assets

  • Capital Project planning and automatic asset depreciation

  • Budget for projects using high level labor & materials assumptions

Workforce Planning:

  • Plan for new hires based on salary & benefit assumptions
  • Use drivers such as year over year salary adjustments

Financials :

  • View long term financial impact of planning decisions
  • Automatic P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecast calculations
  • Determine how each decision impacts profitability and cash availability