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deFacto Planning on Azure Showcased at Microsoft Dynamics FY’16 Kickoff Meeting

High Business Value for All Microsoft Azure Services

deFacto Global Inc. will be showcasing its Azure-based deFacto Planning product at the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics FY’16 Kickoff Meeting in Nashville.

Just as Azure is bringing next-generation modes of IT to businesses of all sizes, deFacto is bringing the next generation of business modeling and planning to Azure.

Ground-Breaking Modeling Capabilities

Using their extensive experience developing leading products offered from Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft, deFacto’s team of experts has created a game-changing business planning product that empowers business users to easily build, deploy, and use intelligent models to manage their business, then share those models via the soon-to-be-ready online deFacto Marketplace.

Computer modeling and simulation have been used to solve challenging forecasting and planning problems in a wide range of disciplines. deFacto has harnessed and packaged this same capability to enable business managers to quickly and easily solve the most challenging business forecasting and planning problems.

Using deFacto’s Business Modeler, line-of-business managers can develop a model of their business, then use driver-based tools—including what-if analysis, scenarios assessment, budgeting, and forecasting—to evaluate the financial and operational impact of any set of business decisions or strategy, set goals, execute and manage their performance.

“deFacto Planning is raising the bar for corporate planning solutions by offering highly scalability, real-time modeling, and comprehensive budgeting and predictive forecasting in the cloud,” said deFacto CEO Bob Bedard. “deFacto utilizes the full range of Azure services, including Azure SQL Server, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure Machine Learning.”

“We are excited that deFacto Planning is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace,” said Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director of Data Platform Marketing at Microsoft. “The deFacto Business Modeler on Azure will offer planning and decision-making capabilities for Microsoft customers and Business Partners.”

Cloud-Era Platform

deFacto Planning is comprised of a base platform hosted on Azure and a multitude of downloadable applications that run on the platform. Users can obtain or contribute deFacto model or apps in online marketplaces.

Specifically, the components of the deFacto Planning platform include:

  • The deFacto Business Modeler Platform—the base system that enables business users to build and maintain models, store data, manage security, and integrate data sources.
  • deFacto Models—loadable model applications that run on the platform to accelerate the deployment of planning solutions in virtually any area of finance or business operations.
  • deFacto Model Exchange—an open marketplace where customers, partners, and deFacto can obtain or contribute branded model applications or accelerator models that can be customized or deployed as is.

The deFacto Planning solution is based 100% on open Microsoft technology for maximum flexibility and utility:

  • Native Excel, web, mobile, and BI interfaces give business users access to the full capabilities of deFacto Planning anytime, anywhere, in a way that best meets their needs.
  • SQL Server’s relational and multi-dimensional database capabilities—in conjunction with in-memory and columnar data storage—deliver the most powerful, scalable and intelligent capabilities available.
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