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Little more needs to be said about the impact Covid-19 is having on the world today. While we are seeing some customers’ core business being hit pretty hard, the more fortunate ones are holding their own and readjusting to new ways of operating, which is good to see. We hope you are doing as well as can be expected, and hoping to offer some ideas on ways we can help you and your organization through these uncertain times.

From our perspective, we wanted to share examples of how customers are using deFacto Planning to help them manage the financial and operating performance of their companies and maintain employee productivity. We hope they can help you, also.

What we have found is that in uncertain times and rapidly changing markets, businesses need to analyze, plan and communicate more efficiently and effectively. While social distancing has become a necessary practice, deFacto Planning is a means of becoming more connected to your business. Here are some examples of how we can help.


When markets move as quickly as they have over the past weeks, it’s critical that businesses understand the impact that has on their operations. Using the modeling and what-if analysis capabilities in deFacto Planning, customers are evaluating a range of options and picking the one with the best outcomes. deFacto Planning’s scenario management and reporting allows you to make adjustments based on what-if assumptions, at a more granular level, and provides you with results across every facet of your organization.


One particular area of analysis that is especially important now is cash flow. In challenging times, managing cash and cash flow is critical. With deFacto Planning’s Cash Flow capability, customers are forecasting, analyzing and adjusting their operations based on the results.


While the collaborative capabilities of deFacto Planning may not have been as obvious before, now that most people are working from home, having a centralized database of information accessed remotely is helping customers maintain a constant flow of information and sharing of analysis among them.

deFacto Planning offers multiple ways of being able to collaborate and allows you to keep up to date with your colleagues and the health of your business; while adapting to the challenges of remote working and economic uncertainty – utilizing deFacto Planning Reports and Commentary, Workflow and connecting through Microsoft Teams.

We hope that sharing these integrated features of deFacto Planning will help ease some of the challenges and strain that come with transitioning your business to a remote environment and keeping an eye on the health of your organization.

If you have any questions about how you might use any of these capabilities or others capabilities of deFacto Planning, please attend our webinar, request the webinar video or just contact us at– we’re here to help.

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