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The New World of Financial Analytics

Business planning is undergoing a radical transformation as new tools come to market with powerful capabilities, low prices, and easy deployment. The ability to perform business planning based on modeling and simulation, predictive forecasting, real-time analysis, and more, is now available to managers from the top down, across all areas of the business. The new generation of analytical tools enables managers to make better decisions that will reduce costs and increase growth.
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The Logical Upgrade from SAP BPC

SAP BPC for Budgeting and Planning is undergoing significant changes that may impact your organization. deFacto Planning may be your best alternative, as it was for AT&T and many others. The team that originally produced BPC also designed deFacto Planning – please review our white paper below to better understand how you can maximize your investment with deFacto Planning. Continue Reading

The Power of Modeling

Creating a digital model of a business has been a long sought-after goal of financial planners. Why? A digital model of your business enables you to envision what different business outcomes would be when you try different scenarios. A good example of the power of business modeling is the ability to assess a potential merger or acquisition.

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Strategic Corporate Planning

If deFacto Global President and CEO Bob Bedard had the ear of the entire Dynamics channel, he would tell them to think strategically, not tactically. And, he would tell them to think like an enterprise organization.

deFacto is a US-based Microsoft-centric provider of corporate planning (CPM) products. The company claims that its core product, deFacto Planning, has replaced virtually every competing product but has never been replaced by a competing product.

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