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The Next Generation of BPC

With imminent changes in store for BPC, now is the time to start evaluating your options. deFacto Planning is a 100% Microsoft-centric, enterprise-quality, budgeting, consolidation, forecasting, analysis, planning and reporting tool built by the same experts behind OutlookSoft/BPC, so it’s a natural upgrade path. 

AT&T moved to deFacto from BPC and experienced a 1000x increase in performance on day one.

deFacto Differentiators compared to BPC

AT&T went from a BPC model taking over 5 hours to process to less than 5 minutes on the same hardware!

An automated drill-down for 0 maintenance reports.

deFacto’s architecture does not require ANY optimizations, or any reason to take the application offline, especially during crunch time.

deFacto supports either Matrix-based or Formula-based reporting, so it’s easy to convert from EVGet and EVSend to deFacto’s formula.

Since deFacto shares OutlookSoft / BPC’s heritage, your initial investment can be repurposed more so than with any other product. Plus, deFacto’s User Interface will look familiar, so users can learn to use the product very quickly and easily. Customers can migrate to deFacto in a matter of weeks, minimizing implementation costs. 

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