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deFacto Planning Named in 2019 Top 5 Best Financial Consolidation Software Solutions by Tech Times

Tech Times deFacto Planning

deFacto Planning was recently named in Tech Times 2019 list of Top 5 Best Financial Consolidation Software Solutions.

 deFacto Planning

Founded in 2009 and based in New York, deFacto Global offers deFacto Planning, a completely unified analysis and planning software to manage financial data. It provides the full range of features needed for data collection, modeling, forecasting, analysis, and reporting. It is loaded with a fast and intuitive interface that is so easy to understand that one gets going in a couple of days.

One can make entries, access data, and coordinate with authorized users anytime, anywhere. It ensures easy and accurate entry as well as auditing of data. The in-built AI techniques and advanced calculation logic are fully capable of handling challenges and “what-if” scenarios that require high-level computation, beyond routine work.

deFacto Planning streamlines the processes of data accumulation, analysis, reporting, and forecasting. Integration with SQL 2016 and Azure ML gives it an edge, and the native integration with Power BI and 0365 gives the users all the freedom to personalize the dashboard view and make the software work as per one’s convenience. It has been built on best designs that have proved their merit over time, and thus, investing in deFacto Planning is surely a wise decision. It will make one more confident and competent in one’s financial consolidation eventually materializing into success and growth for the business.

To learn more about how deFacto Planning can help your business excel – request a DEMO today.

Tech Times deFacto Planning

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