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Things Change: How the Workday Acquisition of Adaptive Insights Affects Microsoft Customers and Business Partners

Microsoft Dynamics business partners and prospects looking for business planning solutions often consider deFacto Global along with Adaptive Insights.

With the news that Workday has acquired Adaptive Insights, Microsoft Dynamics business partners and customers have been wondering how this development will affect their decision making going forward.

Adaptive Insights will be optimized for Workday at the expense of the Microsoft platform.

Prior to its acquisition, Adaptive Insights was ERP-agnostic. With the acquisition by Workday, a Microsoft Dynamics competitor, we should expect to see the development emphasis focused on seamless integration with Workday rather than other ERP systems.

An acquired solution being optimized for the buyer’s platform is a typical result of these types of acquisitions, an example being SAP’s acquisition of OutlookSoft.

Because Workday’s focus will be on selling Adaptive Insights into the Workday customer base, there will be a natural waning of support for the Dynamics platform. Therefore, Dynamics resellers should not be surprised to see Workday being promoted within accounts that you may have worked on previously with Adaptive Insights. MS Dynamics customers also should expect to see more of Workday being promoted in the coming months.

For prospects and Dynamics partners wondering how the acquisition affects a deFacto Planning vs. Adaptive Insights decision, the commitment to the Microsoft platform will be a major difference going forward.

“While Adaptive Insights will likely shift away from supporting the Dynamics platform, deFacto Global (both the product and company) has been and will remain exclusively Microsoft-centric.” – Bob Bedard, deFacto Global President & CEO

deFacto Planning is the leading business planning solution that is a 100% Microsoft technology platform, and this will become a bigger differentiator going forward. With a more advanced model-centric design, deFacto has had the advantage of being an enterprise-quality business planning platform with higher performance and scalability, and this will not change. Another differentiator is that  deFacto Planning offers a larger spectrum of deployment options, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid.

These types of investor-driven changes often disrupt the business partnerships and platform support of acquired companies.

In this case, Adaptive Insights’ commitment to the Microsoft platform will be disrupted, in terms of market focus and technology. For Microsoft Dynamic partners and customers, this will be a major factor when evaluating deFacto Planning vs. Adaptive Insights.

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