deFacto Power Planning Increases Reporting Speed, Confidence For A Major Insurance Broker


This global specialty insurance broker has a strong reputation for providing innovative solutions to complex risk management challenges across a range of industries.  


The customer’s financial reporting needs outgrew their existing system capabilities which made efficient reporting procedures impossible. Their use of Excel made data consolidation difficult, with faulty linkages heightening the risk of data loss and process interruption. This caused significant challenges in data analysis, and decision-making processes were delayed due to the time-consuming process of manually consolidating data from various sources.

dF Solution Statement/Results

With the newly designed report templates integrated by deFacto Power Planning, brokers were able to generate insights from any available data effortlessly. The integration and aggregation of data from Great Plains had made access to data much easier. Furthermore, the inclusion of drill-through queries made it possible for users to navigate from high-level reports to detailed transactional data for further analysis. 

As a result of deFacto Power Planning, consolidation processes and financial reports were expedited. Additionally, hierarchy processes were improved, ensuring that data consolidation was accurate and complete. These improvements had increased the confidence in the data results and had allowed multiple individuals to run consolidation processes, thereby streamlining the process and freeing up previously unevenly distributed resources.