Mobile Service Provider Achieves Efficient Forecasting with deFacto Power Planning


This company is a mobile virtual network operator that operates using the infrastructure of other mobile networks. They offer pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone services, as well as mobile broadband services. They have a reputation for being a low-cost option and for offering a variety of value-added services. They are known for their focus on providing excellent customer service and for their innovative marketing campaigns. 


For some time, the mobile service provider has been struggling with their planning and forecasting process, as they face issues with version control when multiple people are working on different versions of plans sent via email. Additionally, adding a new account for a country requires changing several templates and reports, while modifying calculations in Excel is a time-consuming process that must be performed at multiple locations. The manual currency conversion process is tedious and error-prone, and the limited reporting capabilities are a result of the manual nature of the process. 

dF Solution Statement/Results

deFacto Global’s software solution enabled this mobile service provider to increase productivity and profitability through comprehensive and flexible planning and forecasting processes. This involved implementing customized business rules and providing input templates for financial statements, foreign exchange, and profit and loss reports, which allowed the provider to quickly and accurately evaluate their financial performance and make proactive decisions. 

Since this provider operates entirely through other networks, empirical evidence of short- and long-term profitability is paramount to sustaining working relationships and building trust. As a direct result of deFacto Global’s work, the provider has reduced the time it takes to complete the appropriate level of long-term revenue & cost forecasting by 90%.