Global Logistics Firm


This organization provides a range of services related to relocation and logistics, including residential and commercial moving, storage solutions, and global mobility management. They prioritize customer satisfaction and use advanced technology to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. They also place a strong emphasis on sustainability and community involvement. 

As this company pushed forward into the future, they realized that their existing deFacto setup was in need of an upgrade. Fortunately, the company was able to upgrade to v10, bringing in a whole host of updated and newer features. 


The logistics company sought to make significant upgrades to their technology infrastructure, specifically focusing on three key areas: ETL processes, custom business rules, and book publishing and reporting features.

dF Solution Statement/Results

Specifically, deFacto Global’s introduction of v10 improved their ETL processes by implementing faster and more accurate data extraction, transformation, and loading capabilities, which will enable them to more efficiently process and analyze large volumes of data, leading to improved decision-making processes and ultimately better service to their customers.  

Additionally, evolved custom business rules enable the company to better adapt to changing market trends and customer demands, which will improve the overall flexibility and agility of their operations. 

Finally, book publishing and reporting features from v4 were upgraded, providing the organization with more comprehensive and detailed reporting on their logistics activities and enabling them to better track and analyze their performance metrics.