A Global Entertainment and Mass Media Company Evolves Its SIP System


Fortune 100 global entertainment company that specializes in amusement parks, video productions, hospitality, and consumer products. 


The sales compensation system used to manage the thousands of advertising sales professionals incentive consisted of disparate spreadsheets and files of documents, making it very clumsy, error prone and manually intensive. The system was also unable to perform advanced analysis while generating reports and documentation was slow and problematic.  

dF Solution Statement/Results

deFacto Power Planning is used to automate and streamline the entire sales compensation process, brought together using a single solution. By automating complex calculations and planning processes, it minimized the need for manual data entry and has drastically reduced errors that often arise from such manual processes. The solution’s native Excel interface provides users with familiarity, ease acclimation, and shortened training periods. Additionally, book publishing features included in the new solution allow for HR users to distribute books of reports to large numbers of employees in a simplified manner. 

With process time cut by 90%, the company has been able to free up valuable time and resources that can now be directed towards other aspects of their business, increasing overall efficiency and productivity. The solution is also flexible enough to suit larger-scale planning needs in the future.