Broadband and Software Firm’s HR and Financial Planning Upgraded with deFacto Global


This professional services organization offers a variety of technical, business, and software development services serving small and mid-sized telecommunications providers, rural cooperatives, and municipal utilities. 


The company used interconnected Excel workbooks for their operations. Over time, manual effort, frequent formula maintenance, and the use of multiple files, compromised the efficiency and accuracy of financial and HR planning and reporting processes. 

dF Solution Statement/Results

The company replaced their Excel-based processes with deFacto Power Planning to automate their financial and analysis processes. This allowed the company to gain insights into their financial performance in real time, simplifying and accelerating budgeting and forecasting capabilities. 

Initially, an HR model was developed that allowed the firm to easily manage employee salary and benefit plans via customized business rules based on integrated data. This model provided greater transparency and predictability when establishing salary and benefit packages for employees which in turn made it easier to manage employee costs and ensure that employees received appropriate compensation packages accurately and aligned with company policy. 

After experiencing success with improvements to their human resources and financial areas, the company decided to further expand their collaboration with deFacto Global. Recognizing the importance of cash flow and forecasting models to their business operations, the company sought to enhance their capabilities in these areas as well.