What-If Analysis/Scenario Planning

Prepare for the future and manage risk effectively

deFacto Global’s software solutions allow users to create multiple scenarios of how their organization or industry may develop in the future and identify and analyze each scenario’s potential outcomes. Additionally, it provides tools for testing the impact of different strategies and managing risk. With scenario planning software, organizations can better prepare for the future 

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Grant your enterprise the tools for organized data-driven decision-making.

With the ability to quickly analyze multiple scenarios, you can make more informed decisions, understand risks and opportunities, and develop action plans to achieve your desired outcomes. The software provides a framework to help you understand the interplay between different elements of your business and easily identify areas of improvement. 

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Making informed decisions has never been easier

Forecasting, what-ifs, and target scenarios allow your enterprise to analyze and adjust current and long-range plans

deFacto Power Planning ensures relevant data is never far away.

Plans change from the top? Unexpected market shift? Our business modeling software allows you to pivot from one scenario to another with ease.