Strategic Planning

Develop informed strategic initiatives and power your decisions.

deFacto’s strategic planning model provides senior managers and executives with the ability to create long-term plans based on important strategic initiatives. This process allows them to plan for the introduction of new products, projects, assets, and workforce changes, as well as see how each decision affects profit, loss, and cash flow. 

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Our strategic planning software assists decision makers in creating rock-solid strategic decisions that integrate with relevant financial and operational data.

deFacto Power Planning’s Strategic Planning model enables businesses to devise long-term policies based on top-tier strategic objectives. With features such as driver-based budgeting, capital project planning and automated forecast calculations, you can be sure you are making the most accurate and informed operational decisions.

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Our planning model helps you plan for long-term success.

Plan for new hires based on salary and benefit assumptions, considering drivers such as year over year salary adjustments, bonuses, and other variables. 

Effortlessly view the long-term financial impact of any planning decisions you may make. Automated forecast calculations make it easy to see how each decision will impact profitability and cash availability. 

By leveraging existing historical data and assumptions, driver-based budgeting makes it easy to quickly generate accurate plans and forecasts. Multiple planning scenarios allow for limitless what-if analysis. 

Accurately plan and budget for your next capital asset project with high level labor and materials assumptions.