Sales & Revenue

Straightforward revenue planning and accurate sales analysis for your enterprise.

Our software solutions employ consolidation, flexible business rules and automated calculation help get your entire enterprise 

With deFacto Global’s flexible business modeling software, you can be confident that you have the sales and revenue data you need to make the best possible decisions for your business.

Custom business rules allow for easy creation of multiple revenue scenarios, providing what-if and ad-hoc analysis. Our system is scalable, so it can easily be updated with new dimensions (products, sales locations, customers) as your business evolves. Plus, our integration with external ERPs makes planning a breeze.  

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Streamline Your Sales and Revenue Planning

Flexible business rules allow for what-if scenarios with necessary complex calculations. 

System scalability allows for easy updating of dimensions as your business grows and changes. 

deFacto Global’s software solutions eliminate broken links/formulas and consolidate worksheets, streamlining processes and mitigating human error.