Sales & Operational Planning

Efficiently stay on top of your planning processes!

deFacto Global’s software solutions are designed to help businesses optimize the demand and supply of their products and services. It provides an integrated view of operations, sales, and financials to enable users to quickly and accurately plan for future demand and capacity. By leveraging these tools, enterprises can improve customer service level, manage cash flow, and drive operational efficiency. 

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Ensure you are synthesizing supply and demand with your financial planning.

Our sales and operations planning solution provides your enterprise with the visibility and insights you need to improve your planning and forecasting. You’ll be able to easily manage your data, forecast upcoming demand, and adjust to changing market conditions. Our solution is designed to help you make informed decisions and to ensure that you are always operating at peak efficiency. 

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deFacto Global’s solutions grant you the tools you need to plan for the future.

Combined with our ETL processes and automated calculations, your enterprise can quickly and easily analyze data from multiple sources. 

Accurately enter data and create detailed plans for your organization’s future. Plus, our templates are flexible and customizable, so you can tailor them to your unique needs