Sales Channel Profitability

Identify weak points to rethink and redirect investments

deFacto Global’s sales channel profitability software solution allows companies to determine the most profitable sales channels and optimize their sales efforts. It provides accurate and up-to-date information on the sales performance of each channel, enabling businesses to make smart decisions about which channels bring in the most revenue and which need more investment. The software also helps companies to identify areas of improvement within their sales process and make data-driven decisions that optimize the bottom line. 

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Maximize profit and revenue opportunities.

deFacto Power Planning provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing sales channel profitability. Our software helps businesses to identify the most profitable sales channels, and provides the insights needed to optimize their sales strategies in order to maximize revenue and profits. With our powerful analytics and reporting tools, businesses can quickly and easily monitor and analyze all aspects of their sales channels and make informed decisions that can improve their overall profitability.

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Pinpoint profitability, optimize cash flow.

Smooth ERP data integration ensures your company has the right data on hand to generate reports and back key decisions. 

deFacto Power Planning’s capability for customized business rules and input schedules allow you to properly analyze the strength of your sales channels.