Quota Management

Streamline your quota management and ensure your sales team performs optimally.

deFacto Global’s quota management software solution is designed to streamline the complex process of managing quotas. It allows organizations to quickly and accurately identify, monitor, and manage their quota obligations across multiple countries and industries. The software solution helps organizations visualize their current and historical quotas in real time, enabling them to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to ensure adherence.

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Gain a stronger grip on your sales planning processes

deFacto Global’s quota management software is the perfect tool for any organization looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our software allows businesses to easily manage their quotas and quotas-related activities, from setting up and enforcing quotas to tracking and analyzing quota performance. Our intuitive interface and powerful analytics help you stay on top of your organization’s quota goals, so you can make informed decisions and optimize your quota-related activities. 

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Track and analyze your sales quotas in conjunction with your enterprise's plans.

deFacto Power Planning makes it straightforward to measure sales goals, allowing teams to assess progress quickly and accurately against their goals.

Attain actionable insights into your sales team’s performance to set equitable, achievable, and acceptable quotes for subsequent periods. 

The unified nature of DeFacto Power Planning allows you to effortlessly connect people and data with relevant sales plans and quotas.