Project Planning

Increase efficiency, monitor development, and stay organized.

deFacto Global’s software solution for project planning allows teams to create, manage, and track projects from start to finish. It provides a range of features such as project templates, collaboration tools, and reporting. With deFacto Global, teams can optimize resources, track progress, and stay organized, allowing them to achieve project goals efficiently and effectively.

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Effortlessly deliver projects on time & on budget.

deFacto Global’s software solutions for project planning provide comprehensive project management tools and comprehensive reporting capabilities that enable teams to deliver projects on time and on budget. An intuitive user interface and robust data analysis capabilities make it easy to plan, track and analyze projects. 

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Take control of your projects with deFacto Power Planning!

deFacto Power Planning’s all-in-one model allows for centralized project management tasks to keep you and your teams on schedule. 

Integrate with other parts of your business, allowing for streamlined data sharing, collaboration, and resource allocation.