Payment Processing

Secure and streamlined payment processing.

deFacto Power Planning enables enterprises to process payments securely and efficiently. The payment processing platform provides an intuitive, automated, and secure interface that allows businesses to easily track payments associated with customers, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders. It features a comprehensive range of features and compliance with the latest industry standards. The payment processing platform also provides seamless integration with other payment systems and bank accounts, allowing businesses to set up their payment processing systems quickly and easily. 

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Securely and efficiently process payments with deFacto Power Planning

deFacto Global provides powerful, secure, and cost-effective software solutions for payment processing. Our comprehensive suite of tools enables businesses to process payments and manage financial transactions across multiple banking systems, currencies, and payment methods quickly and easily. Our reliable and secure solutions are designed to streamline the payment processing process and provide the highest level of data security. With deFacto Global, you can rest assured that your payment transactions are safe and secure.

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Streamline your financial transactions, with added focus on versatility and security.

Payment processing software integrated into an ERP system can provide greater security for transactions by allowing for a more secure and automated payment processing system. 

Securely accept payments from many sources, leading to increased revenue streams and greater potential for growth.