Patrial Ownerships

Manage intricacies of partial ownership with ease and efficiency.

deFacto Global’s software solution for partial ownership allows businesses to manage the complexities of fractional ownership while providing a platform to enable companies to develop and enhance their product offerings. The software allows businesses to offer fractional ownership in their products, allowing customers to purchase and own a part of the product so that enterprises can monetize their offerings. 

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Manage your partial ownerships reliably.

deFacto Power Planning provides powerful software solutions for partial ownerships. Our software helps owners collaboratively manage their assets and investments, quickly and accurately identify and analyze risks, and optimize portfolios to maximize returns. Our software is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, so that owners can quickly get up to speed and make decisions with confidence. 

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Take charge of your enterprise's ownership with deFacto Power Planning.

Business-specific, custom calculations allow relative economic interests and other factors to be incorporated in decision-making processes. 

The all-in-one nature of DeFacto Power Planning allows your enterprise to assess multiple ownership scenarios’ impact on future finances.