Management Reporting

Remodel your management reporting structure

deFacto Global’s management reporting software solution allows organizations to easily create tailored and automated reports. The software gives users the ability to create reports tailored to their specific needs and automated reporting capabilities to ensure accuracy and improve efficiency. The software also offers a wide range of data visualization tools, allowing users to explore and analyze their data quickly and effectively.

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Gain data-powered insight into your company’s performance.

deFacto Global’s management reporting software provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to understand their performance and make informed decisions. Our software provides extensive revenue and expense reporting for proper variance analysis, profitability analysis and allocations by product, and the ability to identify areas of improvement. This will enable companies to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and provide data-driven solutions for increasing efficiency and productivity. 


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Report in conjunction with corporate plans.

Extensive revenue and expense reporting allow for proper variance analysis to pin down your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Profitability analysis and allocations by product allow for in-depth review of all profit-driving aspects of your enterprise. 

Identify areas of improvement and provide data-driven solutions for increasing efficiency and productivity.