Organize crucial insurance statements, accurately and efficiently

By integrating real-time analysis, planning, allocation, and ratio capabilities, deFacto Global’s insurance software solutions can help businesses more effectively manage their finances and operations in a streamlined and efficient manner. 

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An easy-to-use platform to optimize operations and profitability.

deFacto Global’s software solutions follow GAAP and statutory accounting principles. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with comprehensive corporate planning capabilities, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information available

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Streamlined, integrated and compliant insurance planning for your enterprise.

Model, forecast, and integrate key insurance in a centralized fashion. It also provides the ability to create input templates, workflow functionality, and quick forecasting of ORSA and custom what-if scenarios 

Allows users to easily drill down into reports to identify and explain budget and year-over-year variances. Explanations for variances can be stored in the model and linked to the relevant data, making the analysis process more efficient. 

Preconfigured reports are a useful tool that can help reduce mistakes from manual processes and excel-based processes. They allow for dynamic, ad hoc reports to be generated instantly and viewed across multiple accounts and line-of-business hierarchies