Financial KPIs and Dashboards

Attain comprehensive performance monitoring and analysis

deFacto Global’s KPI dashboard and reporting software solution is a comprehensive platform for businesses to monitor and analyze their performance. The software allows users to quickly create and customize dashboards, access real-time data, and leverage powerful predictive analytics to gain insights into their business performance. It provides a suite of reporting tools and data visualization options to ensure that users can easily track and report on their key performance indicators. 

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Display key financial figures, any way you require.

deFacto Global’s KPI dashboard and reporting software helps you monitor and optimize your key performance indicators. With real-time data, interactive visuals, and insightful reporting, you can easily track, analyze, and understand your KPI performance and make better decisions. Our software also allows you to customize dashboards to your business needs and share insights with stakeholders in a secure and user-friendly format. 






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Unlock powerful & clear insights for your enterprise.

Tiered security and defined business roles ensure all parties have proper access to the right data, at any moment. 

With DeFacto Power Planning’s clarity of display, your business’ standards for success can be easily determined. 

Microsoft’s native business intelligence tool allows for stunning exhibitions of your company’s desired performance targets.