Financial Consolidation

Simplify processes and speed up cycle times.

deFacto Global’s financial consolidation and close software solution provides businesses with a streamlined and secure platform. Our all-in-one platform allows users to gain real-time visibility into their financial data, as well as automate manual processes and eliminate errors. 

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Consolidate and close with ease

deFacto Power Planning’s financial consolidation and closing applications are the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their financial processes. Our software provides a complete suite of tools to simplify the consolidation and closing process, from initial data integration to final reporting. With advanced automation capabilities, our software reduces the stress and time of financial consolidation and close, helping your enterprise make smarter decisions faster. 


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Secure and stabilize your company’s finances

Automated calculations and seamless data integration from a diverse set of ERPs ensures your data is accurate for closing and reporting purposes. 

deFacto Power Planning’s automation and consolidation functionalities ensure your company closes the books when needed. 

Our software solutions are built to comply with FASB and GAAP standards, ensuring you abide by all necessary accounting regulations.