Disclosure Management

Increase efficiency, ensure compliance, file effortlessly

deFacto Global’s disclosure management software solution provides businesses with a comprehensive and automated solution for managing public disclosure and compliance requirements. It allows companies to efficiently manage and monitor their disclosure activities, including the filing of documents, the tracking of responses, and the validation of compliance. The software enables businesses to improve accuracy and manage their disclosure obligations while reducing the time and effort spent on managing their disclosure processes. 

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Collaborate on compliance securely and straightforwardly

deFacto Global’s disclosure management software provides a comprehensive solution to manage and streamline the disclosure process. With powerful functionality and a secure user-friendly interface, the software enables organizations to easily create, distribute, and manage their public disclosures. 

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Compliant, automated systems allow for quickened processes and easier reporting.

Automated smart calculations and specific business rules allow for expedited and accurate filings, free of human error. 

deFacto Global’s smart automations ensure that all disclosure filings are checked, balanced and compliant with necessary standards and regulations. 

Expedited close filings grant your enterprise added time and value to devote to other necessary and manual processes.