Digital Content Forecasting

Real time analysis, automated calculations, and accurate forecasts, all in one place.

deFacto Global’s digital content forecasting application provides media providers with the ability to analyze thousands of titles, calculate amortization, and forecast content profitability and line-ups quickly and accurately. 


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deFacto Power Planning's Digital Content Forecasting solution helps content creators and marketers make data-driven decisions about their content strategy and maximize their return on investment.

Our content forecasting solutions provide insights and enable businesses to adjust their content decisions based on current trends. It is a powerful tool for businesses to maximize revenue, optimize customer satisfaction, and manage inventory efficiently. 


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Ensure your content decisions are based on real-time and relevant data.

Forecasting different scenarios is part of the job for content forecasting. Our business modeling software allows for unlimited scenarios to account for cash flows, amortization, and other factors. 

Our centralized model allows for secure access, tiered to suit the membership levels of your organization. 

Old data source? Different application? No problem! deFacto offers data integration from a variety of locations, so you can have all relevant data in one place.