Content Invoicing

Gain accurate invoicing and managed payments.

deFacto Power Planning is a comprehensive and integrated platform that provides businesses with the ability to accurately invoice content providers and customers, streamline the invoicing process, and track and manage content payments. It enables businesses to create, process, and manage invoices for digital content. The platform also allows customers to pay for content with a variety of payment methods and provides businesses with the ability to track and manage payments and invoices. 

Accurate, efficient invoicing solutions.

deFacto Global provides industry-leading software solutions for content invoicing and payment processing. Our intuitive platform helps streamline the content invoicing and payment process, saving clients time and money. Our powerful tools and analytics provide visibility into the entire invoicing and payment process, allowing our clients to easily track and manage their financials.  

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Multiple processes, automated for time savings and accuracy.

Automated calculations increase accuracy and efficiency, while reducing manual errors and time spent on repetitious tasks. 

Business rules allow for efficient compartmentalization of complex calculations and formulas. 

Synchronize data sources with deFacto to accurately pass critical information from data warehouses.