Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Planning

All-in-one solutions for streamlined planning and optimized investments

deFacto Global’s capital expenditure planning software solution enables businesses to streamline their capital expenditure planning process and optimize their capital investments. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools, analytics, and dashboards to help businesses plan and manage their capital spending, enabling them to make more informed decisions and identify and address potential areas of risk. 

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Ensure you are optimizing your returns.

deFacto Global’s Capex planning solutions allow enterprises to easily track and analyze their capital spending in order maximize return on their fixed assets. Our models allow for storage of historical data and analytics, enabling enterprises to stay up to date on their investments and plan for future expenses. 

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Maximize the utility of your time and capital

Built-in BI functions for amortization and depreciation allow for thorough assessments of and sharper budgeting and forecasting for capital. 

Adaptable and scalable calculations accommodate multiple data entries and changing scenarios, preparing your team for every situation.  

Our comprehensive models assist in avoiding unnecessary spending and ensuring that your resources are being used in the most efficient way possible.