Automated Report Creation & Distribution

Swiftly generate extensive reports for key decisions.

deFacto Global’s automated report creation & distribution software allows users to create and manage professional-grade reports from any data source quickly and easily. The software also offers features such as data visualization and interactive dashboards, customizable report layouts, automated distribution, and secure sharing. This makes it easy for users to access, analyze, and share data in a timely and efficient manner. 

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Software for Accurate, Up-to-Date Business Intelligence Reports

deFacto Global’s automated report creation & distribution software makes it easy to generate and share business intelligence reports. Its intuitive interface and powerful features allow users to quickly create accurate, up-to-date reports with the click of a button. The software provides organizations with an efficient way to monitor their performance, automate report sharing, and save time and resources. 

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Eliminate manual report creation & distribution

Automated reporting allows for massive time savings and the removal of human error from reporting processes.

Facilitate collaboration via more efficient and detailed reporting capabilities and eliminating time-consuming manual methods.