Asset Management

Ensure you’re receiving the most out of your assets.

deFacto Global’s software solution for asset management provides an integrated platform for tracking and managing the complete lifecycle of physical assets. It allows asset owners to easily track their assets, manage maintenance and depreciation schedules, and generate reports with real-time visibility. The software also allows users to access and manage data from any location, as well as automate processes such as asset discovery, tracking, and inventory management. 

Real-time data analysis for asset management, made easier.

With deFacto Power Planning, asset management is now simpler and more effective than ever. Asset tracking and lifecycle management processes are automated, and real-time data analysis assists you in making defensible decisions more quickly and precisely. Improve asset visibility, save operational expenses, and streamline procedures with the help of deFacto Global. 

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Power Planning is your key to optimizing your assets.

Increased asset visibility allows for greater insight into asset utilization, performance, and maintenance costs. 

By reducing spreadsheet clutter, asset managers can more easily identify and analyze important data points, leading to more efficient and effective asset management processes.