Optimize your enterprise's allocation process.

deFacto Global’s software solution for allocations enables companies to build, manage, and optimize their allocations processes. It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that allows users to define rules, configure, execute, and analyze allocations. With this solution, companies can allocate resources and products more efficiently and effectively, while gaining visibility into the entire process. 

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The ultimate solution for allocating quickly and efficiently.

deFacto Global’s software solutions for allocations are designed to help businesses optimize and streamline their allocation processes. Our solutions are tailored to fit the needs of any organization, and allow for flexible, intuitive, and efficient allocation management. 

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Maximize efficiency in your allocations with deFacto Power Planning

deFacto Power Planning’s allocation solutions allow your enterprise’s financial statements to comply with required accounting structures. 

Display a comprehensive portrayal of your company’s finances to all relevant stakeholders.