AI Center of Excellence

Stay tuned for updated and current information regarding the development of the AI Center of Excellence located in the heart of downtown Troy, NY.

The Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence will form the focal point of all things AI-related in the Northeast and will foster development of an AI-technology hub that will compliment other industry hubs, including video gaming, nanotechnology, and life sciences. The AI Center — the first of its kind in the Northeast — will have a suite of spaces to host conferences and events; showcase AI capabilities; facilitate research, development, and knowledge transfer; support startups; and create solutions for customers in the field of artificial intelligence.

“Our motivation to establish the first Artificial Intelligence Solutions Center of Excellence is to position New York state as a leader in field of AI and to drive an ecosystem of AI research, development and jobs,” said deFacto Global CEO Bob Bedard. “We envision the deFacto Global family will be joined by many other companies and major universities, each utilizing the AI Center and becoming privy to the latest and most advanced technologies which we can integrate into our product, deFacto Planning, and other solutions that we will develop for our customer.”

The AI Center of Excellence is designed to aggregate the best and brightest AI talent and resources throughout New York and the Northeast for the purpose of driving AI-enabled solution development, R&D opportunities and start-ups. The AI Center is developing partnerships with leading Universities including Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (also located in Troy, N.Y.) and others.