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Single Platform -
No More 3rd Party Apps

We’ve taken all of the planning capabilities that we’ve built into Excel including business modeling, data write-back to models, pre-designed security, business rules, financial intelligence and more – and extended it to Power BI.

So now you can use Power BI and/or Excel for budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, demand planning, sales and more, in place of a wide variety of 3rd party applications.

Our Solutions

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Your Benefits

No More 3rd Party Apps

Single, high performance Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) platform .


Empowers every user across an organization to use the interface that users are comfortable with and best meets their needs.

Save Time & Money

Full featured, pre-built solutions dramatically reduce development and deployment timeframes and costs.

Sync Across Solutions - Single Database

Large scale data processing & management in a single database engine. Superior responsiveness & complete synchronization across solutions.

Just Some Of Our Satisfied Clients

"deFacto Planning has enabled us to generate comprehensive and customizable reports that cater to our specific needs. With Excel as one of the user interfaces, the learning curve is significantly reduced, allowing us to spend time analyzing data quickly and efficiently. With deFacto Planning, we gained sophisticated reporting and analysis that is easy to use. Business performance has increased because we can quickly create reports and drill into details. Also, the customer service has been great."
deFacto Global Corporate Performance Management - deFacto Power Planning transforms Microsoft products in a high performance Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) platform

One platform to automate business processes, analytics-based decision making and planning across your organization.

deFacto Power Planning - #1 Overall Rated For Ease Of Use, Reporting, Budgeting Planning, Customer Satisfaction, Consolidation, Implementation, Operational Reporting

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